The Chucker dispatch 012

Marketing is still something that I'm fascinated by, but growing more and more dissatisfied with over-consumption. That's why news like Marcus Engman starting a consultancy to convince companies to focus on design make me feel hopeful for the future. 

From the article:
“I want to show there’s an alternative to marketing, which is actually design,” says Engman. “And if you work with design and communications in the right way, that would be the best kind of marketing, without buying media."

I strongly back up Engman's quote, and this is something that I would love to do in the future as well. Focusing on design and communication as a whole, making sure that the product/service is something that people need and want. Not that I have to market a product so creatively that people wouldn't recognize its pitfalls.

At the same time, I understand that this romantic notion is hard because the reality is that great design doesn't naturally surface as it once did. And Ikea has the luxury of having a built-in audience to help amplify stuff; you can't say the same for smaller entities, unfortunately.

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The Chucker dispatch 011

Uncommonly, I send the e-mail out on Sunday morning. And this time most of the links unusually are NBA focused. But not by design. I guess the NBA season is approaching so there's incentive produce interesting NBA related stories. 

On a side note, a new sound(E)scape episode was just published later today as well. 49th already. Next one will be something special, we're thinking of doing a double episode just like for the 30th.

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The Trillion Dollar Time Trial

Climate change or more so a clean energy transition is a topic that I have become more interested in recent times. Having experienced the hottest month ever recorded in Japan has given me a different perspective to look at this.

I picked up a book called The Wizard and the Prophet by Charles Mann which I started to read in Tokyo. Haven’t finished it yet, but it’s a thorough overview of how two different sides try to solve the same problem. The problem which is getting bigger and bigger.

More so, the last couple of months I have found fascinating reads from the Internet as well. One of my favorites is from the Future Crunch. It’s a very long read, but well worth it.

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Another pointless article  made me write the following lines.

Jeff Carvalho, managing director of the Highsnobiety, said “Brands and designers have the option to see what’s trending all around the world. We believe that consumers and influencers are driving what’s trending today.”

I think we have a reached a dangerous point in streetwear culture at the moment, where everybody is focussed on the influencer & influencers pushing the trend. But influencers who are just influencers don’t contribute to the culture. And culture is what has brought streetwear here for good. The influencers aren’t pushing the culture; they are pushing the numbers for the brands by becoming another medium for brands to sell their ads.

Don’t tell me I’m old and grumpy. I have nothing against people accepting the streetwear vibes and making it their own, but I don’t like it being misrepresented. Unauthentic. The streetwear will be here for good, either it has mainstream’s attention or not, it will remain.

Mikk's Letter – October 2018

Explaining your thought process to others while exploring the life-changing decision is quite difficult. In your mind, you have found the right answer and probably have already convinced yourself to make it.

But then the other's start asking awkward questions. Or even undermining your decision. They might not do it in bad faith, but you interpret it as an attack on yourself.

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The Chucker dispatch 010

Runners are goal-oriented by nature. In a way, achieving them defines us - our records, weekly mileage and races won.

From childhood, we’re told the importance of goal setting. And it’s true - clear goals provide direction and motivation throughout our lives. I wanted to play in the NBA when I was twelve. I wanted to start my own company when I was twenty. Each of those goals set me down a particular path fueled with ample ambition.

While our goals provide an endpoint, they are ineffective at creating the behaviors required to achieve them. Habits are much more powerful. Once formed, they operate unconsciously and automatically.

There is something empowering about setting a lofty goal – as if you dare to assume you can achieve it. It can be inspiring and motivating. But it can also be daunting.

Personally I’ve found the most meaning in creating simple, repeatable habits that I know will lead to improvement. The process isn’t sexy, and it’s certainly not instantaneous. But it’s the surest path to the goal.

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The Chucker dispatch 009

Understanding oneself is one of the hardest things to do. And to be honest, trying to assess oneself or put in perspective is quite hard.

I have come to think that I might be a person who’s at all times thinking about new projects. Dreaming about the making them happen and already envisioning the results.

It’s painful to admit, but deep down I think I’m seeking for gratification. From others. And by coming up with as many projects as possible I increase the change of getting that praise. 

It’s something that I started to think about recently when Kanye tweeted that everybody should have an option to turn off their Twitter followers count. To root out the evilness and pointlessness of striving for followers. And the fake confidence boost that we get from it. Or to be exact, how we wrongly assess people based on their followers count.

Writing these lines, I came to realize that maybe I’m not that cynical or in deep shit. Perhaps I don’t want to feel complacent. Maybe having multiple new projects is not a bad thing if you really like them all.

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Tunde/Märgid #007


Some time ago, one weekend in July, I and Kaur, were invited to play at Cafe Agar-Agar at the Port of Triigi. The photo above is from there, after finishing a 10hour set. The latest Tunde/Märgid podcast's cover is also from that weekend. 

Weekend trips like these are something that I am always looking forward to. Exactly why we started the KLBRATED project.

My selections:
Patrick Paige II – Voodoo
Kamaal Williams – High Roller
Bas, A$AP Ferg - Boca Raton
Peter CottonTale – Forever Always
Yazmin Lacey – 90 Degrees

Lloyd - Tru
Buddy - Hey Up There (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
Post Malone - Psycho (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
Khalid - OTW (feat Ty Dolla $ign)
Teyana Taylor - Never Would Have Made It

Understanding your powers

Some time ago I wrote that at the moment money leads my life and I'm money-dependant. I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now.

After mulling over this, I realized that I still have the power to influence the world for the better.

We are taught that we continuously have to consume to keep ourselves happy. Most of it is the result of plain old marketing.

We are brainwashed by companies. But most of them are public companies. So they are required to turn profits every year. Stock markets expect them to keep growing. Absorbing their propaganda, we feed the beast with our thoughtless consuming.

What if we stopped?

Think about it.

The same companies that take your money are the ones who are polluting Earth. The same companies who pay to lobbyists to get the laws fixated for their good. The same companies who pay all the billboards and airtime to make you buy even more.

What if we stopped paying them money?

They would start to lose their profits. The stock market wouldn't forgive them having losses. So they would have to look for a change. A good example would be the ever-growing fashion industry. 

H&M's March financial report stated that they had $4.6 billion of unsold clothing sitting on their shelves. Consumers are taking to heart the environmental effects of fast fashion. Uninspired by the throw-away attitude that the fast fashion model advertises. Brands like H&M are starting to sell clothing made with better materials at higher price points. An example being their ARKET line.

Although it can seem like your decision to shop elsewhere makes no difference to the fashion industry — it does.

If the companies have learned their lessons, we should reward them for their efforts. With our money. So the companies who are doing the most good for the Earth are also doing the best business wise.

That's our power. And I like having this power.

Mikk's Letter – August 2018


The light of summer inspires a sort of nostalgia that winter can't. We rarely see the end of winter as a sad thing, but it's always a shame to see the end of summer appear on the horizon.

Probably because of those melancholy moods, it's a great time to reflect on one's life as well.

One of my fundamental beliefs is that if one doesn't enjoy himself at work than the work/workplace has failed him. So much time is spent at work, that it would be a pity not to love what you do. Of course, the pressures of adulthood trick us into forgetting to have fun at work. Forcing us to work more and change our priorities to amassing wealth and things. Opposed to collecting experiences and having fun.

The following quote from Douglas Coupland's interview is something that I always remind myself of when going through stressful periods at 9-to-5.

The nine to five is barbaric. I really believe that. I think one day we will look back at nine-to-five employment in a similar way to how we see child labour in the 19th century,” he says. “The future will not have the nine till five. Instead, the whole day will be interspersed with other parts of your life. Scheduling will become freeform.
— Douglas Coupland  

Remembering this quote assures me that it's a passing phase. And to keep looking for the fun.

The reason I keep myself busy with many different side projects and hobbies (this site included) is to avoid the feeling of being on autopilot. I mean being on a treadmill of going to work, going home, fixing a dinner, watching some series, and then going to sleep. Repeat. That’s a scary place to be. At least for me.

I’ve got other dreams. And things I want to try out while I can. So I take all the side projects as a self-learning process.

And self-learning doesn’t ever have to stop. Most of us finish education very early on in life, but we never ever should stop being a student, and the best part of it? Today we can teach ourselves anything we like.

The more you open yourself up to new things, the more you’ll crave. The things you do define who you are. Bringing those new interests into your life can take you into new directions. Spark a conversation with someone new, lead to a new side-project, or a new role or promotion.

It's been said that we get what we invest in. The time we spend comes back, with interest. If you practice five minutes of new banjo music every day, you'll become a better banjo player.

The difference between who you are now and who you were five years ago is due to how you've spent your time along the way.

Sucess is to be able to live a decent life, have fun and take pride in what you do.
— Robert Klanten